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Aluminium phosphide poisoning: a prospective study of 16 cases in one year.
  1. J. S. Chopra,
  2. O. P. Kalra,
  3. V. S. Malik,
  4. R. Sharma,
  5. A. Chandna
  1. Department of Medicine Unit V, Medical College Hospital, Haryana, India.


    Sixteen patients suffering from aluminium phosphide poisoning were treated during the year from January 1985 to December 1985. These accounted for approximately half the total number of cases of acute poisoning. Profuse vomiting, pain in the upper abdomen and shock were the most common presenting features. Six patients succumbed to their illness. Analysis of various prognostic factors revealed that ingestion of 'unexposed' tablets of aluminium phosphide taken from a freshly opened bottle was associated with a greater risk of fatal outcome. Aluminium phosphide poisoning has become an important matter of public health in parts of India.

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