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Atrial myxoma presenting with cerebral haemorrhage.
  1. V. M. Macaulay,
  2. P. J. Crawford,
  3. R. O. McKeran


    Emboli from left atrial myxomas are a recognized cause of cerebral ischaemia. The myxomatous embolus may infiltrate the cerebral arterial wall, resulting in aneurysmal dilatation with a risk of rupture. Myxoma-associated cerebral haemorrhage has been described in patients with progressive neurological dysfunction. We report a new presentation. Our patient, a previously healthy 20 year old girl, developed acute intracerebral haemorrhage for which craniotomy was performed. Histology of evacuated haematoma revealed an intravascular fragment of myxoma. Echocardiography demonstrated a left atrial myxoma which later was uneventfully excised. Early diagnosis of embolic cardiac myxoma requires awareness of the diversity of clinical manifestations, and careful histological analysis of surgical specimens.

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