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Fractures of the pelvis.
  1. A. M. Eid


    Pelvic fractures in this series constituted 3.3% of all traumatic admissions and 5.7% of all fractures. A classification of pelvic fractures was adopted in which five types were identified. Type I (24.2%) comprised fractures without a break in the pelvic ring. Type II (17.7%) comprised those with a single break in the pelvic ring. Fractures with a double break of the pelvic ring constituted Type III (23.6%). Multiple fractures of the pelvis were identified as Type IV (10.8%). Fractures of the acetabulum were grouped separately as Type V (23.7%). On the basis of blood loss, mortality and potential disability, Types I and II constituted the 'minor' fractures of the pelvis. Types III, IV and V were the 'major' fractures of the pelvis, of which Type IV were the worst. The commonest fracture encountered was that of a single pubic ramus. The pubic area was involved in 43.0% of the cases. Associated injuries were common (2.19 per patient). Some of these lesions were the result of the causative trauma. Some others, however, were related to certain types of pelvic fractures.

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