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The treatment of quinine poisoning with charcoal haemoperfusion.
  1. M. D. Morgan,
  2. D. J. Rainford,
  3. C. D. Pusey,
  4. A. M. Robins-Cherry,
  5. J. G. Henry


    Quinine poisoning is rare but serious. Attempts at treatment by active removal have proved unsuccessful because of its high degree of protein binding. We describe two cases of non-accidental overdose of quinine (19.5 g and 15 g) with potentially fatal serum quinine levels. Both patients were treated by 2 periods of charcoal haemoperfusion during which quinine clearances of up to 125 ml/min were obtained. Both patients recovered, though one had some residual visual disturbance. We suggest that in cases of quinine poisoning, charcoal haemoperfusion may be a safe and effective method of drug removal, to be used with stellate ganglion block.

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