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Aneurysm of the mitral valve complicating Streptococcus milleri endocarditis
  1. Akindele P. Akinjide-Obonyo,
  2. Henri Moussalli,
  3. Colin L. Bray,
  4. David C. Beton,
  5. T. Nigel Stanbridge


    A case of Streptococcus milleri endocarditis which caused an aneurysm of the anterior leaflet of the mitral valve is reported. There is only one previous report of a mitral valve aneurysm secondary to infective endocarditis demonstrated by angiography. Streptococcus milleri normally causes endocarditis in an older age group than the patient we describe. Some salient features of this increasingly recognized human pathogen are emphasized.

    • aneurysm
    • endocarditis
    • streptococcus
    • mitral valve

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