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Assessment of analgesic drugs in soft tissue injuries presenting to an accident and emergency department—a comparison of antrafenine, paracetamol and placebo
  1. C. de Gara,
  2. M. Taylor,
  3. A. Hedges


    In a preliminary dose-finding study in patients following abdominal hysterectomy, antrafenine was found to be an effective analgesic in single oral doses of 300-600 mg.

    A double-blind controlled between-patient study was carried out to compare antrafenine (up to 1200 mg daily), paracetamol (up to 4 g daily) and placebo as analgesic in the control of pain produced by ligamentous knee or ankle injuries, low back pain or rib injuries. The only significant difference (P<0·05) noted between drug treatments was a longer duration of analgesic activity following antrafenine.

    The implications of these results for the study of potential analgesic drugs in soft tissue injuries are discussed.

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