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A new weight-reducing drug with novel properties
  1. David Wheatley


    Ciclazindol, a tetracyclic compound originally developed as an antidepressant, was compared to placebo in a double-blind trial involving 114 individuals who were at least 15% overweight. Following a one week control period patients were allocated to active or placebo groups by random distribution for a period of 4 weeks and this was followed by a final one-week observation period.

    The mean weight loss of 47 patients who completed the trial on ciclazindol was 6·95 lbs (3·13 kg) and of 48 patients who completed the trial on placebo it was 5·0 lbs (2·25 kg) a difference which is statistically significant in favour of ciclazindol (P < 0·05).

    The trial demonstrated a marked placebo effect resulting in loss of weight in these patients, but the drug effect was significantly greater.

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