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An excursion into self-monitoring of blood glucose in children
  1. Peter G. F. Swift


    Ten adolescent diabetic children monitored blood glucose (BG) concentrations during a British Diabetic Association holiday camp in Denmark. The range of results was wide but revealed a mean pre-breakfast (fasting) BG of 9·8 mmol/l and a mean BG before the main evening meal of 13·2 mmol/l. Before the evening meal eight of ten children had BG concentrations in excess of 13 mmol/l. There was a significant correlation between mean BG concentrations and glycosylated haemoglobin.

    The procedure was well accepted and proved to be of considerable educational value. It clearly revealed the children whose diabetes was satisfactorily controlled and those in whom adjustments of management were required. It is suggested that similar phases of self-measurement of BG in their homes will clarify the diabetic control of many children and thus help to improve it.

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