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Penicillin sensitivities of gonoccocci, in 1977-80 from a peripheral health district, and their clinical correlation
  1. M. Rahman


    Penicillin sensitivities of gonococci isolated from a peripheral health district were observed during 1977-80 by determining the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) of penicillin. During the same period, outcome of penicillin treatment in patients with gonorrhoea was also observed and recorded. Penicillin resistance, as defined, was found in 19·3% strains in these years, but there were year-to-year variations. None of the strains was a penicillinase producer. Association of higher MICs of penicillin with therapeutic failures was not observed in this study until the MICs were greater than 1·0 mg/l. The findings are discussed together with reviews from other published works.

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