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Low-dose insulin treatment of hyperosmolar diabetic coma.
  1. A. D. Wright,
  2. C. H. Walsh,
  3. M. G. Fitzgerald,
  4. J. M. Malins


    The effect of low-dose hourly i.m. injections of insulin has been studied in the treatment of 17 episodes of hyperosmolar non-ketoacidotic diabetic coma compared with 26 episode of hyperosmolar ketoacidosis occurring in patients over 40 years of age. The fall in blood sugar was satisfactory in the majority of episodes of both types of coma and there was no evidence that patients with hyperosmolar non-ketoacidotic coma were more sensitive to insulin. The excess mortality in the non-ketotic group (47%) compared with the ketoacidotic group (16%) was not due to uncontrolled diabetes.

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