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Tuberculosis in maintenance haemodialysis patients. Study from an endemic area.
  1. K. K. Malhotra,
  2. M. K. Parashar,
  3. R. K. Sharma,
  4. U. N. Bhuyan,
  5. S. C. Dash,
  6. R. Kumar,
  7. D. S. Rana


    One hundred and fifty patients requiring maintenance haemodialysis were investigated to determine the incidence and pattern of tuberculosis. Twenty patients were found to have tuberculosis, giving an incidence of 13.3 times that of the general population. The most frequent clinical presentations of tuberculosis in these patients were pyrexia, pleural effusion and lymphadenopathy. Diagnostic difficulties were encountered in 7 patients in whom therapeutic trial with anti-tubercular drugs had to be undertaken. Two patients died from tuberculosis. Five patients received renal transplants after initial treatment of tuberculosis.

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