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Plasma sex hormone concentrations in men with hypertension treated with methyldopa and/or propranolol.
  1. R. G. Taylor,
  2. A. J. Crisp,
  3. B. I. Hoffbrand,
  4. A. Maguire,
  5. H. S. Jacobs


    Serum concentrations of LH, FSH, testosterone and prolactin were measured in patients with hypertension treated with propranolol (34 cases), methyldopa (13 cases), and methyldopa + propranolol (11 cases). The results were compared with those obtained in 18 controls (hospital out-patients). There were no differences in these hormone concentrations in the various groups, and no difference between those complaining of impotence (13 cases) and those with normal sexual function. Impotence in hypertensive men on treatment with methyldopa cannot be explained by abnormalities in secretion of the reproductive hormones.

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