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Audit of an inner city coronary unit.
  1. H. T. Pedoe,
  2. E. Besterman,
  3. P. H. Kidner


    The performance of the St Mary's Hospital London W2 coronary care unit was studied in each of 2 years, 1969 and 1975, results of which could be compared with each other and with national figures from the annual reports of the Hospital In-patient Enquiry. In 1975 the admissions were 42% more than in 1969; the increase was confined to mild cases over 45 years of age, and was out of proportion to national trends. The hospital fatality rate was unchanged and when age-standardized was 69% and 78% of contemporaneous national rates. In both years, 50% of the patients admitted came from outside the health district and 10% of local admissions were visitors from abroad. In 1975 there was an increased proportion of ex-smokers among the patients and more gave a history of previous myocardial infarction. The value and limitations of this kind of surveillance of a clinical unit are argued.

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