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The influence of carbohydrases on the growth of fungal pathogens in vitro and in vivo.
  1. A. M. Pope,
  2. D. A. Davies


    Mixtures of mycolytic enzymes from various sources release protoplasts from living fungal tissue under suitable conditions. Such enzyme mixtures obtained from Coprinus comatus (mycolase I), Physarum polycephalum (mycolase II) and Lycoperdon pyriforme (mycolase III) are of low toxicity in mammals when given parenterally and are able to cure experimental systemic fungal infections in mice when administered alone or in conjunction with normally ineffective levels of conventional antimycotic drugs such as amphotericin B. The effect is believed to be due to enzymic degradation of the fungal cell wall either killing the fungus directly or enhancing activity of existing antifungal agents by increasing access to the cell interior.

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