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Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society 1977 Expedition: effect of a Himalayan trek on whole body composition, nitrogen and potassium.
  1. T. C. Harvey,
  2. H. M. James,
  3. D. R. Chettle


    The body composition of the 17 members of the BMRES was studied using body weight and fat fold calipers, with measurements of whole body potassium and nitrogen. The full assessment was made just before departure from Birmingham and immediately on return. Daily observations of body weight and fat folds were made during the trek to high altitude. During the ascent all subjects lost body fat but there was little change in lean body mass. After return it was found that there had been further loss of body fat and some loss of lean tissue also. One subject who took methandienone retained potassium but had no increase in body nitrogen. There was no correlation between changes in body composition and acute mountain sickness.

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