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The immunological evaluation of levamisole treatment in cancer patients
  1. H. Verhaegen,
  2. J. de Cree,
  3. A. de Beukelaar,
  4. W. de Cock,
  5. F. Verbruggen,
  6. F. Krug


    The effect of levamisole on different immunological parameters was studied in patients with various malignant diseases.

    Levamisole restored tuberculin-negative delayed hypersensitivity reactions and increased the sensitivity to 1-nitro-2,4-dichlorobenzene challenges. It also increased low E-rosette formation of T-lymphocytes and enhanced the clearance of a lipid emulsion by the reticulo-endothelial system.

    Levamisole had no effect on serum immunoglobulin levels but increased serum haemolytic complement activity.

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