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Epidemiological approaches to 'epidemic neuromyasthenia': syndromes of unknown aetiology (epidemic myalgic encephalopathies).
  1. M. Thomas


    The study of future outbreaks of 'epidemic neuromyasthenia' syndromes would be easier if there were a standing advisory arrangement for the co-ordination of basic standart studies, diagnostic tests and long term survey of patients. It is proposed that this might be achieved by establishing an 'EN Outbreaks Panel' at Colindale which, in addition to epidemiologists and virologists might include specialists in infectious diseases, neurology and psychiatry and other fields. The approach to such a panel would be through the Communicable Diseases Surveillance Centre (CDSC) when outbreak is suspected. Arrangements could then be made by the CDSC with the Epidemiological Research Laboratory and the Virus Reference Laboratory to assist immediate investigations and for a follow-up to ascertain the incidence of sequelae, as well as for long storage of sera and other specimens.

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