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The coagulopathy associated with aortic aneurysms.
  1. E. P. Gétaz,
  2. J. H. Louw


    The authors in this article record their experience with eight-four patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms. Twenty-seven patients (32%) presented with ruptured aneurysms with an overall mortality of 56%. Of the unruptured aneurysms, 67% were operable with a mortality of 5.3%. The highest mortality amongst the patients with ruptured aneurysms was in the group who was shocked. In the group with ruptured aneurysms, of those in whom platelet counts were performed, 50% were abnormally low, and 56% had evidence of abnormal coagulation. Seventy per cent of those with coagulation abnormalities died. In the unruptured group 28.2% had thrombocytopenia but no other abnormalities of coagulation. All patients undergoint aneurysm resection should have a platelet count and a full clotting screen. Therapy should be directed to normalization of the coagulation system.

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