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Diagnosis of Chagas' cardiomyopathy. Non-invasive techniques.
  1. J. J. Puigbó,
  2. R. Valecillos,
  3. E. Hirschhaut,
  4. H. Giordano,
  5. I. Boccalandro,
  6. C. Suárez,
  7. J. M. Aparicio


    The natural history of Chagas' disease and its manifestations when the heart is involved are detailed clinically and pathologically. Three phases are recognized: the acute phase, lasting from 1-3 months, the latent phase, which may last from 10-20 years, and the chronic phase, which has the most serious manifestations. This phase is subdivided into three clinical stages. An analysis of the varied cardiac manifestations on 235 patients is included.

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