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Technical possibilities for coronary artery bypass surgery and the outlook for graft patency.
  1. M. H. Yacoub


    In an attempt to analyse the results of saphenous bypass grafting 213 patients were re-investigated by repeat coronary, graft and left ventricular angiography. In this series, the presence of diffuse arterial disease was not considered as a contra-indication to operation. Instead, additional endarterectomy was performed. The overall patency rate was 88% and was not significantly altered by the passage of time, although the patency rate during the first 6 months was 94%. The patency rate did not appear to be influenced by the age of the patient, the severity of the lesion pre-operatively, the artery grafted nor additional endarterectomy. The run-off was judged to be good in 82% of grafts investigated before 6 months, compared to 70% of those investigated later. Progress of the disease in the native vessels appeared to be slightly accelerated in the segment proximal to the graft.

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