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The results of 100 small tissue biopsies of testis in male infertile patients.
  1. R. Scott,
  2. J. Sinclair,
  3. A. Rourke,
  4. S. Chowdhury,
  5. A. Yates,
  6. J. Shaba


    The value of testicular biopsy in male infertility has recently been emphasized by Meinhard, McRae and Chisholm (1973), and the present authors agree with them that a biopsy is essential for the following reasons: (1) to establish a firm diagnosis; (2) to rationalize therapy on the basis of histological findings; (3) new developments in drug therapy and electronmicroscopic techniques will help to clarify many areas of doubt and uncertainty in this difficult field; (4) the diagnosis of 'sloughing' by itself may mask changes in germinal cell development which may be amenable to hormone therapy.

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