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Prolonged nasogastric tube feeding in critically ill and surgical patients.
  1. A. M. Woolfson,
  2. J. N. Saour,
  3. C. R. Ricketts,
  4. B. J. Pollard,
  5. S. M. Hardy,
  6. S. P. Allison


    Fifteen patients with varying diagnoses were fed via nasogastric tubes for between 7 and 41 days using a feed consisting of Caloreen (a glucose polymer) and Albumaid (a beef serum hydrolysate) with vitamin and mineral supplements. The feed proved nutritionally adequate and relatively free of complications. Diarrhoea was seen only in those patients receiving antibiotics by the nasogastric route. Codeine phosphate abolished this symptom in all patients. The constant drip method of administration proved efficient and time saving. Unlike prepacked preparations, the feed could be varied in composition to suit the clinical situation. This was of particular advantage in the intensive care context. The feed was relatively inexpensive.

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