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Objectivity in the classification of tumours of the nasal epithelium
  1. L. Michaels,
  2. V. J. Hyams


    A survey of tumours derived from each of the four cell types of nasal epithelium is presented. Criticism is levelled at the adoption of additional terms for tissue types such as lympho-epithelium and transitional cell epithelium and tumours said to be derived from them. Electron microscopy is of assistance in classification particularly in the detection of evidence of keratin synthesis. The proposed classification of tumours of the nasal epithelium is:

    (1) Pseudostratified columnar epithelium: (a) papillary adenoma, (b) papillary carcinoma.

    (2) Squamous epithelium: (a) everted squamous papilloma, (b) inverted papilloma, (c) squamous carcinoma of any grade of differentiation from well differentiated to undifferentiated.

    (3) Melanocyte: malignant melanoma.

    (4) Olfactory neuroepithelium: olfactory neuroblastoma.

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