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A double-blind trial of salmefamol, a new bronchodilator
  1. D. Bainbridge,
  2. Margaret V. Hoare,
  3. G. J. R. McHardy,
  4. C. H. Dash


    Salmefamol is a new sympathomimetic drug with predominantly β2 actions. In a double-blind trial in a group of twenty-four patients with airway obstruction, we have compared the effect of 100 μg of salmefamol given by metered aerosol with that of a placebo aerosol. In the same patients we have also compared the aerosols with subcutaneous adrenaline and subcutaneous atropine, the sequence of treatments being determined by a latin square design.

    At all times salmefamol had a significantly greater bronchodilator effect than the placebo. Although the effects of atropine and adrenaline were greater at the earlier times of measurement, that of salmefamol was greater at 4 hr.

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