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Methoxy-9-ellipticine lactate in refractory acute myeloid leukaemia
  1. B. M. Ansari,
  2. E. N. Thompson


    Two cases of refractory acute myeloid leukaemia were treated with methoxy-9-ellipticine lactate alone and in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents. In the first patient a successful complete second and third remission was achieved lasting 2 and 3 months respectively. However, a partial remission was obtained in the second patient as treatment with methoxy-9-ellipticine was only started in the terminal phase of the illness. In view of the resistance of this form of leukaemia to present chemotherapeutic drugs both initally and at the time of relapse, the response of these two cases to methoxy-9-ellipticine is worth reporting.

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