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Study of the lipid-lowering action of choloxin and Nilevar in patients with chronic renal failure
  1. E. N. Wardle,
  2. W. Schardt,
  3. P. R. Uldall


    Lowering of lipids in patients with chronic renal failure is advantageous but cannot be done by calorie restriction. In a controlled study the anabolic steroid norethandrolone (Nilevar) was found to lower triglycerides by 50%, while D-thyroxine (Choloxin) lowered the cholesterol by 25%. Both drugs increased the activity of lipoprotein lipase in spite of uraemic inhibition. Norethandrolone also reduced basal serum insulin levels. Norethandrolone seems appropriate for underweight patients and D-thyroxine for overweight patients, but side effects are more frequent than in non-uraemic patients.

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