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Prevalence and site of bacteriuria in diabetes mellitus
  1. Boon Seng Ooi,
  2. Beatrice T. M. Chen,
  3. Moses Yu


    Twenty-four of 152 female diabetic patients (15·8%) were found to have significant bacteriuria as compared to a prevalence rate of only 4·6% of 152 matched non-diabetic controls. The difference in prevalence rates is statistically significant. However, if the prevalence rates are analysed according to age, bacteriuria was significantly more common only in diabetic females above the age of 50. Localization of site of infection was performed in all diabetic female subjects with bacteriuria. The kidney was affected in 62·5% of patients. The pathogenetic considerations relating to these results are discussed. There was no difference in prevalence rate of bacteriuria between male diabetics and their controls.

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