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Viral and epidemiological findings in MRC/PHLS surveys of respiratory disease in hospital and general practice
  1. Pauline M. Poole,
  2. J. O'H. Tobin


    The results found and the laboratory methods used for the isolation of viruses and β haemolytic streptococci in two MRC/PHLS surveys of respiratory disease in patients in hospital and general practice are described. 717 viruses and 82 β haemolytic streptococci were isolated from 2418 children in hospital and 835 viruses and 435 strains of β haemolytic streptococci from patients seen in general practice. Virus isolation rates in the two surveys were 28·9% and 21·0% respectively. Rates by age, sex, time and by clinical categories are given and discussed in relation to isolations from control subjects, the cause of deaths in twenty-two of the children tested, and the incidence of convulsions and meningism found in those examined in these surveys.

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