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Behaviour therapy of psoriasis—a hypnoanalytic and counter-conditioning technique
  1. David Waxman


    In the case described, an account is given of psoriasis in a female aged 38 who presented with a history of a rash of increasing severity for 20 years, originating during a period of severe emotional stress in a susceptible personality type.

    During the whole of this period, there was never a time when she had been clear, and exacerbations had been most severe during her two pregnancies.

    She was treated under hypnosis by a six-point schedule. This involved analysis and discussion, with interpretive (insight) psychotherapy and desensitization by reciprocal inhibition as described by Wolpe.

    As well as the disappearance of the rash, overall improvement in personality was a notable impression gained from the self-rating Personality Schedule score at the end of treatment.

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