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A tale of two cities: a comparison of sarcoidosis in London and Paris
  1. D. Geraint James,
  2. J. Turiaf,
  3. A. N. Walker,
  4. J. P. Battesti


    Two large series of patients with sarcoidosis in London and Paris have been analysed and compared for differences in ethnic background, clinical features, mode of onset and duration, chest radiographic resolution, laboratory investigation and treatment.

    It is found that in both capitals, sarcoidosis is a multisystem disorder. Most organ-systems of the body are invaded, emphasizing the fact that sarcoidosis transcends boundaries of various specialties, making it a disorder of general medical interest.

    The diagnosis was confirmed by various histological techniques and the Kveim-Siltzbach test was found to be positive in three-quarters of patients in both series.

    Depression of delayed type hypersensitivity, abnormal serum globulins and hypercalcaemia were observed in a significant proportion of both series.

    Corticosteroids were administered to one-third of the London and to two-thirds of the Paris patients. The patient has the same chance of survival whether he lives in London or Paris, for the overall mortality is about 5% in both countries.

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