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The value of brain scanning
  1. D. Riddoch,
  2. Z. Drolc


    Over a 3-year period, 667 brain scans were performed, of which the results in 632 have been analysed.

    Positive scans were found in 68% of 204 cerebral tumours. There was a high rate of detection of meningiomas and malignant gliomas. Scanning was less helpful in visualizing slowly growing gliomas, and those tumours situated in the mid-line or posterior fossa. Metastases occupied an intermediate position.

    Positive scans occurred in a proportion of patients following acute cerebro-vascular accidents, and in a few other miscellaneous disorders.

    Virtually all patients with transient cerebral ischaemia, migraine, epilepsy and presenile dementia had normal brain scans.

    The value and limitations of this investigation have been discussed.

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