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Minimal dose of histamine for maximal acid secretion in control subjects and patients with duodenal ulcer
  1. H. G. Desai,
  2. M. P. Zaveri,
  3. F. P. Antia


    Dose-response curves were obtained from forty adult male control subjects and forty patients with duodenal ulcer by administering 1·6, 2·0, 2·4, 2·8, 3·2-mg doses of histamine acid phosphate (HAP) subcutaneously.

    The results showed that the minimal dose of HAP for MAO for patients with duodenal ulcer was significantly greater than that required for control subjects.

    A significant positive correlation between the minimal dose of HAP, independent of body weight, for MAO and the maximal acid secretory capacity of an individual was observed both in control subjects and patients with duodenal ulcer.

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    • * Part of the work was supported by a grant from TNMC and BYL Nair Charitable Hospital Research Society.

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