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Thyroid nodules in Iraq
  1. H. M. Al-Hashimi


    Two groups of patients with solitary thyroid nodules have been analysed. One hundred patients of the first group under 20 years of age were managed conservatively with supplementary doses of thyroxin. Three hundred and thirty patients of the second group over the age of 20 were treated surgically.

    Seventeen percent of the first group had complete resolution of the thyroid nodule. The majority (eighty-three patients) needed exploration for a residual lesion.

    In the two groups, adenomatous goitre constituted the most frequent pathological finding. True adenoma was the next in frequency.

    Malignant nodules were found in ten cases (3.0%) of the second group; none was found in the first group. The overall incidence of carcinoma in solitary thyroid nodules in this study was 2·3%.

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