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Acanthocytosis with normolipoproteinaemia: biophysical aspects
  1. J. J. Betts,
  2. J. T. Nicholson,
  3. E. M. R. Critchley


    The electrokinetic properties of normal and pathological red cells and platelets are compared.

    The electrophoretic mobilities and isoelectric points of normal and pathological erythrocytes do not differ significantly, adsorption of calcium and uranyl ions occur to the same extent and treatment with neuraminidase induces almost identical mobility decreases.

    The pathological platelet-plasma system is more sensitive to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) than normal systems; platelet aggregation and electrophoretic mobility increases are induced by much lower concentrations of ADP than those normally required. The pathological platelet system shows a greater tendency to aggregate spontaneously. The abnormal sensitivity to ADP of the pathological platelet-plasma system is considered in terms of plasma components.

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