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The Kveim test in Crohn's disease
  1. D. N. Mitchell,
  2. N. C. Dyer,
  3. P. Cannon,
  4. K. F. W. Hinson,
  5. J. M. T. Willoughby


    Kveim tests were done in forty-eight patients with Crohn's disease. Of forty-five with definite or probable Crohn's disease, twenty-three had a positive Kveim test. This finding could be explained:

    (1) By cross-reactivity between sarcoidosis and Crohn's disease antigens;

    (2) By an aetiological agent common to the two diseases, or

    (3) By a property of the Kveim test material used in testing.

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    • * This paper has appeared in the Lancet (1969, ii, 571-573) and is reproduced by kind permission of the Editor.

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