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One-session treatment of gonorrhoea in males with procaine penicillin plus probenecid
  1. R. J. C. Cobbold,
  2. G. D. Morrison,
  3. R. J. Spitzer,
  4. R. R. Willcox


    Six hundred and thirteen male patients with acute uncomplicated gonorrhoea have been treated alternately with single injections of 1·2 mega-units of aqueous procaine penicillin alone or with the same dose and preparation of penicillin with an additional 1·0 g of probenecid given orally immediately prior to injection.

    Whether the failure rates were assessed on the basis of an absence of further sexual exposure or by classifying all recurrences within 1 or 2 weeks regardless of history as treatment failures the results were significantly better when probenecid was also given.

    The use of a single dose of probenecid is thus capable of maintaining the success of single injection procedures for the treatment of gonorrhoea based on procaine penicillin and thus represents a bulwark for the future should the powers of penicillin against the gonococcus in London deteriorate further.

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    • * This work was done at St Mary's Hospital, London, W.2.

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