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Gastroscopy combined with intragastric photography
  1. D. D. Gibbs,
  2. D. J. Parry


    This paper relates experience in the use of the Olympus GTF fibrescope and intragastric camera. One hundred and eighty-four examinations were made in 157 patients.

    The instrument was usually easy to introduce into the stomach and examinations were well tolerated. The youngest patient examined was aged 16 years and the oldest 86. Fibroscopy in the elderly seldom presented difficulties.

    This model (GTF) was particularly suited to examination of the mid-stomach and antrum, the view often extending to the pylorus. The range proximal to the angulus on the lesser curve and posterior wall was often limited.

    Intragastric photographs of high quality could be taken; they enhanced the value and added to the interest of examinations. Serial pictures, taken at intervals, provided evidence of alterations in the appearances of gastric lesions.

    Gastric endoscopy is complementary to radiological examination of the stomach. Its use often increases diagnostic accuracy and understanding of gastric diseases. Within the limits of design of a particular instrument, fibreoptic apparatus renders the procedure simple and efficient.

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