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A pre- and post-operative study of forty-six cases of slipped intervertebral disc
  1. G. Harto-Garofalidis,
  2. N. Papavassiliou,
  3. Ch. Rigopoulos,
  4. B. T. Papathanassiou


    The results of operation on 46 cases of slipped disc have been studied.

    The age of the patient and the duration of pre-operative symptoms both influence the late results.

    Results were not usually satisfactory in cases with severe limitation of straight-leg raising.

    Severe pressure on the nerve-root produces permanent changes and symptoms do not always disappear after its relief.

    The presence of degenerative changes, visible on the radiograph, is associated with poor late results.

    Tears of the posterior longitudinal ligament are associated with satisfactory late results.

    In the majority of cases, the early and late results were similar.

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