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Stab-wounds and other penetrating injuries of the abdomen and thorax
  1. J. B. Garland


    A series of 100 penetrating wounds of the abdomen and thorax is reviewed. Eighty-three were due to stab-wounds.

    The recent increase in incidence is confirmed and the distribution throughout the day and months of the year is given.

    The results and methods of treatment of thirty-six abdominal, ten thoraco-abdominal and thirty-seven thoracic wounds are given and described.

    An operative approach to abdominal wounds is supported.

    Conservative measures, including more frequent use of intercostal-tube drainage for pneumothorax and haemothorax, are satisfactory for the majority of chest wounds.

    Cardiac wounds require urgent assessment and resuscitation with pericardiocentesis and thoracotomy.

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