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Surveillance of patients post-endovascular aneurysm repair
  1. P Sharma,
  2. C Kyriakides
  1. Department of Vascular Surgery, Royal London Hospital, Barts and The London NHS Trust, London, UK
  1. Mr C Kyriakides, Barts and The London NHS Trust, The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London E1 1BB, UK; constantinos.kyriakides{at}


Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) is increasingly being employed as an alternative to open surgical repair for patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms. The surveillance of patients post-EVAR has traditionally been carried out with regular computed tomographic scans which have in part been responsible for the high costs associated with this procedure. Duplex has been proposed as an alternative, but researchers have so far been unable to devise a standardised protocol for this surveillance. This review aims to provide a clear understanding of currently employed imaging modalities and discuss future surveillance possibilities for this patient group.

  • abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • endovascular aneurysm repair
  • stent-graft

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