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Graeme P Currie, Ratna Alluri, Gordon L Christie and Joe S Legge. Pneumothorax: an update. Postgrad Med J 2007;83:4615. Reference 10 was miscited in this article. Reference 10 specifically questions much of the classical understanding of tension penumothorax. This was not made clear and the update as written incorrectly encourages continuation of the current understanding of tension pneumothorax. The statement that precedes the citation of this reference was incorrect and should read: "However, a recent review has suggested that whilst chest pain and respiratory distress are universal findings in awake patients with tension pneumothorax other signs are variable with cardiovascular instability being very rare in contrast to the ventilated patient with tension pneumothorax where this is common." The authors of this article apologise to the authors of reference 10 Tension pneumothorax time for a rethink? LeighSmith S, Harris T. Emerg Med J 2005;22:816 for this error.

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