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Committee for the Relief of Distressed Seamen: correspondence from the Admiralty in 1818–19
  1. G C Cook
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 Professor G C Cook
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The Seamen’s Hospital Society, which was to become a great Victorian charity, with the object of caring for both the physical and spiritual health of seafarers (most merchant seamen) in the Port of London, was founded at a meeting on 8 March 1821. However, it is not widely known that it had a temporary predecessor—The Committee for the Relief of Distressed (Destitute) Seamen. Ready cooperation was received from the Admiralty in most of its affairs, but “disposal” of many of these “redundant” mariners proved to be a somewhat difficult matter.

  • CRDS, Committee for the Relief of Distressed Seamen
  • SHS, Seamen’s Hospital Society
  • history
  • seamen
  • Admiralty

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