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Ten things I wish I’d known when I was 25
  1. R Persaud
  1. Maudsley Hospital, Westways Clinic, Croydon

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    1. That everyone who tries to live forever eventually dies in the attempt.

    2. That older folk—particularly those in charge—don’t do what they do simply because they have lost their marbles along the way.

    3. That giving patients what they want rather than what they really need will save you a lot of heartache.

    4. Save your energy only for the few battles you could actually win.

    5. Find out as soon after the start of the consultation begins as possible what the patient wants from you—it’s rarely what you imagine they should want.

    6. Very rarely is the patient’s view of themselves or their problem anywhere near shared by what those who know them well. Canvass a variety of views before accepting the patient’s version.

    7. That excellence in academic performance is rarely rewarded with popularity—but is worth it anyway.

    8. That in a profession where salaries are all the same—relatively small differences in advantage seem to matter hugely and cause massive envy. Try to hide your success as much as possible, or if uncovered, deny it.

    9. That there is much more to death than medical failure and that there is much more to life than being a doctor.

    10. That doctors not only alarmingly rarely really know what’s best for the patient—they don’t know what’s best for doctors—take all career advice with a pinch of lithium.

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