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  1. I F Pye
  1. Department of Neurology, Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK

    Statistics from

    R H S Carpenter. (Pp 466; £24.99.) Arnold Publishers, 2003. ISBN 0-340-80872-1.


    This is a good book.

    The first section deals with the general neural mechanisms which underlie the function of the nervous system and then sensory, motor, and higher functions are explored in the subsequent three sections in which individual chapters cover topics such as vision, control of posture, motivation, and control of behaviour.

    The book does not merely convey factual information but seeks to promote understanding of the principles and concepts which underpin neurological function. In so doing it allows the reader insight into some of the pioneering experimental research which led to the current state of knowledge. The author’s enthusiasm for his subject is apparent in the carefully written text which is supplemented by plentiful clear line drawings and boxes of tables with systematic information. The accompanying useful CD-ROM includes NeuroLab interactive simulations, an atlas of neuroanatomy, and some clinical applications which help to integrate the basic neurophysiology with actual neurological function. There are references and guides to further reading at the end of each chapter with short biographical notes of some key figures who have made major contributions to the understanding of neurophysiology.

    This book, which is attractively produced, should be read by all serious students of physiology. It should be available in all self respecting university and medical school libraries and the price of the paperback version places it within the reach of the student who wishes to have a personal copy.

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