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Managing Change for Effective Clinical Practice.
  1. J Jankowski
  1. Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, UK

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    Trisha Greenhalgh, Moria Sarsfield, and Peter Toon. (CD ROM; personal rate: £50+ VAT, any 2 CDS £75+VAT; institutional rate: £75+VAT, any 2 CDS £150+VAT.) BMJ Publishing Group, 2002. ISBN 0-7279-1706-4.


    This CD Rom aims to be the beginners’ guide to managing clinical change. It tackles important areas of day-to-day clinical practice. At the same time it allows the clinician to overview the bigger picture, particularly using SWOT and PEST analysis, for example. These acronyms, while initially unhelpful, have become standard medical jargon from the perspective of medical managers.

    On using this CD many clinicians will be able to understand the terms and language used by their management colleagues. At the very least this CD will allow readers to contemplate their current clinical systems. However, if used currently this CD will also be an important starting place from which to improve management practices and make them more effective, particularly with larger institutions.

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