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Accident and Emergency Diagnosis and Management.
  1. G Bodiwala
  1. Head of Accident and Emergency Service, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, UK

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    By Anthony F T Brown. (Pp 442; £18.99.) Edward Arnold, 2002. ISBN 0-340-80720-2.****


    Dr Brown has produced this new edition of his book for the first time in Britain, and it is primarily for young doctors entering accident and emergency departments for the first time. It is aimed at senior house officers and it is for this reason that the book is written in an easily readable format, particularly on bullet points of history, examination, investigation, and immediate management.

    I find the book totally revised and updated in line with our Resuscitation Council guidelines and other subjects. It now includes a new section on environmental emergencies, advanced life support, hypoanaemia, hypokalaemia, etc. As we are heading towards clinical governance, I am glad that Tony Brown has included chapters on risk management and incident reporting as well.

    Going through the book, I find that the essentials of diagnosis and management are described concisely and fairly, and contain a lot of practical advice.

    I find this book a reliable text and will be of enormous help to junior doctors practising accident and emergency medicine for the first time. It is a concise and practical guide. I also feel that this book will be very useful to many nurse practitioners and general practitioners in moments of uncertainty.

    This is a good addition not only to a personal library but the departmental library as well.

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