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Teaching & Learning in Medical Education: How theory can inform practice.
  1. J DACRE
  1. Royal Free and University College Hospital Medical School London
  2. CHIME, London, UK

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    Teaching & Learning in Medical Education: How theory can inform practice.D M Kaufman, K V Mann, and P A Jennett. (Pp 40; £2 non-members, £10 members.) Association for the Study of Medical Education, 2000. ISBN 0-9044-73279.****

    This is an up to date and succinct book outlining six important theories of learning and discussing their implications for practice in medical education. The book is clearly set out and clearly written. It goes through the following education theories: adult learning principles, social cognitive theory, reflective practice, transformative learning, self directed learning, and experiential learning. Each of these theories is described clearly and simply with references to the seminal publications in the area.

    The implications of the theory for adult learning in medicine are discussed and examples are given. For example, a discussion of andragogy is followed by a set of principles that could be used as tips for practitioners in medical education and then by a description of a learning method currently used in undergraduate medical education which relates to this theory. They have chosen problem based learning to do this in this particular case. A lot of the concepts that are discussed are very complicated and there is the potential to become lost in educational jargon. However the book is clearly thought out so that this problem is minimised.

    The price is reasonable and makes the book accessible to all of those interested in medical education.

    In summary this is a useful, well written, and clear book and clinical educators would be well advised to spend some time reading it and to try and apply some of these theories to their current teaching practices.

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