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Teaching & Learning Communication Skills in Medicine.
  1. J DACRE, Professor of Medical Education
  1. Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK

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    Teaching & Learning Communication Skills in Medicine. By Suzanne Kurtz, Jonathan Silverman, and Juliet Draper. (Pp 245; £35.) Radcliffe Medical Press, 1999. ISBN 1-85775-273-2.****

    This book provided an evidence based guide to the teaching and learning of communication skills. The book is based on the principles of adult education and includes advice on how to integrate communication skills teaching. It includes useful boxes which communications skills facilitators can use to help them guide small group sessions.

    This is a useful book for communications skills teachers in undergraduate and most postgraduate medicine in this country. It is well written, carefully structured, and easy to read. It gives a contemporary and practical view of communications skills teaching and should be highly recommended to communications skills teachers.

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