Postgrad Med J 77:127 doi:10.1136/pmj.77.904.127
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Loss of weight in a female heavy smoker with diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis

  1. A Al-Adsania,
  2. M H Dahniyab,
  3. N Al-Adsanic
  1. aAl-Sabah Hospital, Kuwait: Department of Medicine, bDepartment of Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging, cMansouria Health Clinic, Kuwait
  1. Dr A Al-Adsani, PO Box 31098, 90801 Sulaibikhat, Kuwait amsaladsani{at}
  • Received 9 June 1999
  • Accepted 22 November 1999

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A 75 year old hypertensive woman was admitted with a two month history of fever and cough with scanty sputum, loss of appetite and weight, and progressive exertional dyspnoea. She had habitually smoked 20–40 cigarettes a day since …