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ABC of Rheumatology.
  1. Gwynedd Rheumatology Service, Bangor, UK

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ABC of Rheumatology. 2nd Ed. Edited by Michael L Snaith. (Pp 90; £16.95 paperback.) BMJ Publishing Group, 1999. ISBN 0-7279-1385-9.

ABC of Rheumatology was based on the excellent series published in theBMJ. This is the second edition of the book, which continues the successful formula of combining chapters dealing with common rheumatic disorders affecting certain regions of the body—such as the spine, shoulder, and foot—with sections describing individual rheumatic diseases along more traditional lines. However, it takes a practical approach, with a big emphasis on diagnosis and management. This edition has been updated very well and reflects the important developments that have occurred, particularly in treatment. As before, it is a slim volume packed full of very readable material. The presentation is excellent with numerous summary tables that the reader will find particularly helpful, and there are many coloured illustrations of good quality. The book should attract a wide range of health professionals. Its practical approach to common rheumatic complaints should appeal to general practitioners, particularly as some of the useful information in the regional chapters is difficult to come by from other sources. It should also be useful for hospital doctors preparing for the MRCP (part 1) examination. The book can also be recommended for other health professionals who want to develop a musculoskeletal interest. As with the first edition this volume represents very good value for money.

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